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Student Council


At our Class Meetings we discuss various topics such as upcoming dances, fundraisers or charity events. The Class Meetings are run by each classes respective President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary elected by the student body. Each Class Meeting is overseen by its Class Sponsors.


In our Committee Meetings each committee discusses its own responsibilities. These committees include Publicity, Spirit, Special Events, School Relations and Student Relations. The Committee Meetings are run by Commitee Chairs that are selected by Student Council Executive board.

Anyone is welcome to join Student Council. Students can become members at any time, however to become a representative they must submit an application to do so at the end of the previous school year. Representatives have the additional responsibility of electing the Executive Board.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Yavorski (jennifer or Margarita Altidis (



Click here to view the Student Council calendar, if it's not displaying below in your browser.



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