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Driver Education


Driver Education

Our Mission

No doubt your teenager is eagerly looking forward to age 16 and the privilege of becoming a legally licensed driver. As parents and teachers, we have a serious responsibility to provide our youth with an opportunity to learn how to use the motor vehicle wisely and safely. The following information is provided to help you plan ahead for this vital program of instruction. 

A state-approved driver education course is offered as a separate course at Neuqua Valley High School. 

This instruction is most effective when students are at the height of their own motivation to learn, and it is most valuable when they will soon be able to apply what has been learned. We recommend that your student not be enrolled until such a time as he or she will have reached the legal licensing age of 16 by the time of course completion. Enrollment for those who have emotional problems or lack sufficient maturity to accept the responsibilities involved should be delayed to a later date.

In the meantime, please be reminded that no person may legally drive any motor vehicle upon the public highways or streets without a valid license or instruction permit. Furthermore, it is a misdemeanor for the owner of a motor vehicle to authorize or knowingly permit such vehicle to be driven upon a roadway by a person who is not properly licensed. As parents, we should demonstrate our knowledge and respect for traffic laws. Otherwise, our children will get a distorted view of our system of government. Also, remember that the impressions gained by young people while riding with you as a driver are highly resistant to change later.

Today the young driver and the automobile form a combination of great social and economic concerns. Together, we hope it will be possible to provide your teenager with a sound basis for a lifetime of safe and efficient driving. Let us know if we can be of help.

When am I eligible to take Driver Education?

  • First Semester - Must be a sophomore or older
  • Second Semester - Any Freshman who turns 15 by January 1st or any who is a Sophomore or older. 

How much does it cost?

  • $350.00 Class + $20.00 Permit  = $370.00 Total


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