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Music Education


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

Neuqua Valley Music Department Website

Philosophy of the NVHS Music Department

Young people should have an education that gives them the opportunity for a wide variety of learning experiences. Music provides a unique avenue to the imaginative and affective aspects of life and their contribution to our cultural heritage. Young people play, sing, move, compose, and listen to music through their participation. As Neuqua Valley High School music educators, we strive to do the following:
    • Nurture an enjoyment & understanding of music, enriching the quality of life.
    • Help students realize their potential by providing opportunities for creativity and expression of feelings & ideas through music.
    • Develop individual musical interests and skills which will allow participation in music-making throughout life and which may lead to a career in music.
    • Expand knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of different kinds of music to cultivate discriminating consumers.
    • Offer varied musical experiences through which students may become acquainted with other art forms and cultures.

Graduation Requirements

Students and parents are encouraged to consider the benefits of music participation and accomplishments when selecting courses. From the perspective of those who evaluate college applications, participation in music classes in high school is a strong indicator of future success. The long-term benefits of involvement in Neuqua's nationally recognized program in invaluable.

Extracurricular Opportunities

    • Musical
    • Neuqua World Voices
    • Otaké Singers

Awards and Recognitions

    • Seventy Three IMEA All-District Students
    • Seventeen IMEA All-State Students in 2003
    • National GRAMMY Signature School 2005
    • GRAMMY Gold Signature School 2000
    • GRAMMY Signature School 1999, 2001
    • 300 participants in the Illinois High School Association Solo & Ensemble 2003
Our greatest strength as a music department is our continuing effort to intrinsically motivating students through great music. We do not emphasize external awards. We center our teaching on the merits of the music performed and the process needed to present the music as the composer intended.
Since Neuqua Valley High School opened in 1997, we have developed a program based on an established music curriculum and the musical needs of our students. We have 6 curricular choirs, 5 curricular bands, 5 curricular orchestras, 2 sections of Music Theory and 2 sections of AP Music Theory.
Our extra-curricular program is extensive. We regularly feature guest soloists at our concerts and clinicians in our classrooms. Clinicians for 2003 include Donald Schleicher, Liam Teague, Fredrick Fennell, and Michael Cocour. We received a GRAMMY Gold Grant to commission Nick Page to compose a multi-cultural Winter Solstice piece. Nick Page composed a thirteen-minute masterpiece for winds, percussion, string orchestra, jazz ensemble, steel band, and chorus. Six hundred of our students performed the premiere of "Soul of the Wind" for our 2001 Crystal Concert.

Special Programs

    • Crystal Concert
    • Fine Arts Festival
    • District 204 Solo & Ensemble Festival
    • Honor Winds Symposium
    • Honor's Recital
    • Soloist Concert
    • Tri-M Music Honor Society
    • District 204 Organizational Festival


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